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"Slavery by Another Name" Forum Post
by PABLO REINA GONZALEZ - Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 09:36 PM

    In the documentary "Slavery by Another Name" something that I found horribly absured, was the way that Southern leaders found a way to restablish slavery as a punishment for comminting a crime by creating loop holes in the 13th amendment. Because of this, blacks were falsely accused of crimes or debt and were put into convict leasing forced to work in horid working and living conditions. African Americans that worked in coal mines would work twelve hours a day and shovel an average of one and a half tons of coal a day. This work was physicaly straining to the point that many of them died fairly quickly, but there was allways a fresh plump pool of convicts to pick from afterwards. The system of convict leasing became an enormous movement during the reconstruction of the South. Being part of this system was the worst thing that could happen to blacks at the time, which is why most of them conformed with tennant farming and share cropping which left them hugely in debt. They were bitter alternative to convict leasing, which they knew coulf cost them their lives.

Re: "Slavery by Another Name" Forum Post
by MIKI CHIYODA - Thursday, December 10, 2015, 12:49 AM

This was really detailed and I agree with you completely, the convict leasing and the peonage system were absurd, but legal. It was a complete destruction of black rights and allowed, for that time, white people to rise up again and brutally throw out their dominance like a suffocating blanket over those they shouldn't have power over.