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Slavery by Another Name
by MIKI CHIYODA - Thursday, December 10, 2015, 12:43 AM

In this short Documentary, the author focuses on the struggle of slaves and how the thirteenth Amendment gave them little to no freedom at all, despite that being its purpose. Soon after the amendment declared them free, the south found loopholes in the new law that banned slavery, except when criminalized. So then came Convict Leasing and the peonage system that allowed people to "rent" criminals for sometimes as little as nine dollars an hour. They were worked to death, treated terribly, abused, and sent to deathly working conditions with little to no rations. With convict leasing plaguing the south, people would put away so much of the black community on petty charges so that they were, again, in enforced servitude. Soon the jails had as little as a ten percent of white people, the rest were blacks who were incarcerated for things like the theft of a loaf of bread. Then rented out, they were whipped and abused and soved around once again, and when released, they were found and hanged or hurt or harassed. And here, you see, there was slavery once again, but with a completely different name.