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Straight State/ Never a Level Playing Field
by THOMAS MCNULTY - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 06:17 PM

In the excerpts from Never a Level Playing Field and Building a Straight State by Hilary Herbold and Margot Canaday being that the G.I. bill benefits stayed constant no matter how many people were in the military, there must have been a incredibly strong hatred towards blacks and gays in the military. No matter how many people signed up, the G.I. bill was to give every person serving in the military a financial and educational backing coming out of war. What really disturbs me is how small the spending would have been to include these 2 groups of people but how important it was to the commissioners of the bill and the VA to keep them out or limited in benefits. As commonly stated, the G.I. Bill gave much-needed support to people leading to the lending of money to over 2 million soldiers and caused the student body of some schools to double with the influx of new soldiers (Canaday, 937). Everybody would have needed this and the black and gay population were no exception. Since the G.I. Bill was somewhat racist in its implementation preventing many African Americans from getting fair treatment it is hard to think how people supporting the Double V Campaign would have taken to this. This campaign was a movement many blacks enlisted in the military stood for, the double v meaning victory in Europe and victory over discrimination. As the G.I. Bill targeted a straight white male demographic, the Double V movement would see a pretty big defeat after the war seeing many of the Black soldiers who fought so hard be restricted of many of the G.I. policies that would help them get a job and education. This all really circles back to the concept of hate towards these minorites and how cruel some of the realities were. For example while gays were charged with undesirable offenses which were better than dishonorable offensives, they could have just been given honorable ones and could have left without the new harsh reality of comming back from war with nothing to support you. Along with this for blacks banks denied their loans after the war which were going to eventually be paid back, but just for their skin color they were restricted from taking out loans (Herbold, 106). Overall, underlieing the G.I. Bill was a serious prejudice towards different groups of people that lessen the goodness that people aclaim it with.

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Re: Straight State/ Never a Level Playing Field
by Rheanne Carbonilla - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 06:50 PM
You could connect outside specific evidence like Jim Crow Laws which is when blacks were segregated from whites in bathrooms, water fountains, schools, ect which came about after the Reconstruction Era. You could add this to help explain how there was victory back then too over discrimination.
Re: Straight State/ Never a Level Playing Field
by MOHAMED SAMATER - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 07:21 PM

I agree with your statement of how the GI Bill was somewhat contradicting because it was supposed to help make the transitions for veterans back into citizen life easier through financial aid and educaton. But groups were denied of their benefits, such as African Americans and homosexuals, by the Veteran's Association in different ways, like the blue papers for homosexuals and simply making obtaining benefits impossible for African Americans. Instead of making the transition for veterans easier, the VA made it even more difficult for the groups that defended the organization on the WWII battlefield.

Re: Straight State/ Never a Level Playing Field
by KAMRUL RUHIT - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 07:53 PM

I agree with your statement that there must have been some heavy hate towards the black and gay population. One of the main investors of the bill, Senator John Rankin, had very heavy racist sentiment and managed to take his personal ideas and influence the outcome of the bill. He was able make the majority of the G.I bill committee either compliant with his racist demands or simply recruit members sympathetic to his cause. He worked tirelessly to spread his belief to both the public and the inner cabinet of legislation through speeches, documents and other such forms of persuading apparatus. It was no coincidence many of the policies within the bill the bill exclusively disadvantaged blacks and Gays, it was planned out and there was no secret about that.