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GI Bill Forum Post
by Nicholas Reed - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 08:11 PM

By mid/ late 1945 when the United States had defeated the Axis Powers in World War II, millions of soldiers were extremly focused on futrue prosperity in addition to returning back to US to continue the America way of living.  The federal government had created the GI Bill which was meant to provided reform, aid, employment, and several other economic and social reassurences to the returning soliders/ veterans from WWII.  While reading these two different sources, I initially thought that the GI Bill was great program to help increase the social economy after the devistating time periods of the Great Depression, the New Deal, and WWII.  When I was thinking about what the GI Bill's purpose was, I was able to directly relate to the concepts of Social Darwinism "Survival of the Fittest" because it was placed in the same social, financial, and economic category in the perspective of searches for employment, education, resources, and several other important incorperations to improve the standard of living for the average American citizen.  Unfortunatly, the further I got into the sources, specifically the "Building a Straight State, Sexuality and Social Citizenship under the 1944 GI Bill," I was able to determine that the GI Bill was an extremly racist and homophobic/ sexual discriminate to huge quanties of returning veterans from WWII.  As the GI Bill became to enrolled with more and more US soldiers, the military had created a policy known as "Blue Discharge" which was a form of "Dishonorable Discharge" that was meant to remove soldiers who were not or homosexual from the ideology of the GI Bill was meant to do.  As Blue/ Dishonorable Discharge had been occuring more frequently and having negative impacts on lives of diverse and homosexual soldiers, the policies put forth by the GI Bill had started to directly represent itself as a racist and homophobic organization that was not able to benefit or provide relief to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who were returning from the WWII victory.

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Re: GI Bill Forum Post
by Leonardo Escobar - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 09:29 PM

I agree that the G.I. Bill was a sufficient system but once the befiefs of the bill was discovered that it ruined the lives of so many Americans that fought for their country ad then they were repaid with descrimination.