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The G.I. Post
by BMENET GIRUM - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 09:02 PM

The Servicemen's Readjustment Act or better yet known as the G.I Bill was passed on the month of June in 1944 after World War II. The main purpose of it was to ensure the Veteran's with better oppourtunites that can help push themselves into a better future and lives long term. However Some took different routes, such as tried to find meaningful oppourtunites for work while others had just wanted to go back to school or just basically start over again. I agree with the fact that it states "The landmark legislation provided support for veterans pursuing education and training; an unemployment allowance; loans for the purchase of a home, farm, or small business; and a veterans employment service" (Canaday,937). This was true because the legislation had a huge effect on the national economy during this time. The Bill allowed Americans to make more money and spend more in general and the American economy grew because of that. The education aspect allowed for longterm success in sense of our future hence the idea of new innovations. However, The G.I bill excluded the lesbians and gays from getting any welfare state let alone any economic benefits. But the worst of it all is that African Americans veterans were being denied many and almost all the benefits of the G.I. Bill. In the Never a Level Playing Field: Blacks and the GI Bill stated "indeed the principles of almost any law - were interpreted one way for blacks and another for whites" (Herbold 104). The Americans say seperate but equal but are doing the exact opposite. This is showing that they cannot even follow there own values. The most important one of those being in this case is the belief of equal oppourtunity for all that live on the United States land.

Re: The G.I. Post
by NIHAL DHILLON - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 09:45 PM

I agree, everything was not equal. The Veterans Administration played a big role in deciding who would be excluded from the benefits. Its really sad that everyone who served in the war are not treated the same. Unemployment allowance was given to some, people like Hines believed that people should work and if they keep receiving money they will become lazy, so the 52-20 was created to give twenty dollars each week for 52 weeks. Conservatives like Hines didn’t want equality.