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GI Bill Post
by ROBERT SHAPIRO - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 09:53 PM

           In Building a Straight State: Sexuality and Social Citizenshep under the 1944 G.I. Bill author Margot Canaday discusses how homosexuals were excluded from the perks of the G.I Bill. The G.I. Bill was a program that helped veterans offering aid in the form of support for education and training, umeployment aid, loans, and an employment service but the homophobia of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs stopped the bill from helping everyone (937).  Those the army thought were homosexual were given a blue or undesirable discharges. This was extremly unfair because besides the fact it was discrimination based on sexual orientation but the trial were very unfair since they were not evidence based (940). Accused homosexual soldiers with these blue discharges did not recieve the same perks as those with honorable discharges and it gave them a negative stigma that followed them around. The G.I. Bill is a good idea but to be effective it needs to help all veterans regardless of sexual orientation.

        Never a Level Playing Field: Blacks and the GI Bill by Hilary Herbold disscusses how the benefits of the GI Bill did not reach African Americans. Legislators like John Rankin made it hard for African American veterans. For example African Americans who did not accept bad wages lost unemployment benefits a totally unfair system that was not helpful for African American veterans who had risked their lives for their country. The GI Bill helped white Americans veterans with loans and education funding while African Americans had trouble getting loans to buy homes and  money for education(106). HBCU's were often the only option and they were underfunded and there was not enough room for all veterans and many other universities discouraged African Americans from applying. The GI Bill should have helped all veterans but it only heterosexual whites.

Re: GI Bill Post
by FREDERICK GOULD - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 10:15 PM

I agree with your points. The GI Bill was in reality, a good piece of legislation that fell victim to the twisted nature of American culture during the 1950s. Because of segregation, and an extremely homophobic VA, benefits of what was meant to be a widespread (among veterans) bill, ended up only reaching homosexual whites.