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GI Bill
by NIHAL DHILLON - Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 09:25 PM

In Building a Straight State and Never a Level Playing Field by Margot Canaday and HIlary Herbold the impact of the GI Bill is explained.The Servicemen's Readjustment Act or the GI Bill was created to help veterans when they came back from war, the bill brought upon many opportunities and although everyone should have had equal access to the benefits not everyone did. The bill included, getting a college education and helping out financially. Some had limited opportunities due to the beliefs and policies of military officials and the Veterans Administration. The undesirable or blue discharge seemed like a  dishonorable discharge although it was originally created to be between a Honorable and dishonorable discharge. The military did not like homosexuals and they did not need to present evidence to give a blue discharge(950). Getting a blue discharge made it very hard for veterans to get a job and it burdened them with the stigma of receiving it (946). At times it even got to the point where if they suspected that someone was homosexual they would ask the veterans to return the money(947).The bill was more beneficial to married men rather than single men as they were seen as the providers for the family(956). African Americans as well as homosexuals were not given equal opportunity. The Veterans Administration did not want African Americans to be equal and get the same benefits. The focus was education, many African Americans were not able to get an proper education therefore lessening their chances to get a job. The idea of separate but equal does not work, if something is separate then it is not necessarily equal. In a survey taken in 1947, the results showed 7 out of 1,700 African Americans were employed although African Americans made up one third of the southern veterans(105). Some banks would refuse loans and due to the restrictive covenants, they would have to live in slum areas(106). Veterans risked their lives for the country and ramming loyal and some of them never got the benefits and respect that they deserved. The bill was not successful in providing everyone with benefits.