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The Origins of the Cold War
by EMMA ATLAS - Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 05:48 PM

The Gaddis lecture about the origins of the cold war was very interesting.  In the lecture Gaddis adressed the question, how did the cold war come to be. It is an interesting topic. One can simply say, it originated from US Soviet relations in WWII, yet, as Gaddis points out in his lecture, it goes back much further, and is much more complicated. Gaddis broke down the origens of the cold war into three different parts. The long term causes, the intermediate causes and the immediate causes. The long term causes go back to WWI and the Bolshivik revolution that overthrew the Zharest government. Gaddis stated that at this period in time the US wanted to stop the sprad of Bolshivism, using both sanctions and force. By using force to try and limit the spread of communism, aswell as the very different political idiologies this might have caused distrust to form between the two nations. The intermediate causations start when the US is still very isolationist in the late 30s. While the US passed the Neutarality acts,the USSR sgined the Nazi-Soviet Pact in order to stop Germany from invading the Soviet Union. At this time both countries were very different yet were both hesitant to be involved in the war. When Germany declared war on both the US and USSR which ensured that both countries would get involved and on the same side. Their involvment in the pre war aswell as during the war caused tensions between the two countries. Finally the immediate causes happened during the war and in post wartime negociation. Gaddis describes Stalin as parinoied even during peace talks, he describes a time when Stalin bugged the Terrane conference. His demenur during these talks could have led to more suspicion and tention. The main point I took grom the lecture was that the Cold war did not stemm from one specific thing. It started because of many things that happened since the Russian Revolution after WWI.

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Re: The Origins of the Cold War
by Kiva McElhiney - Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 07:38 PM

I strongly agree with your last statement, it is incredibly hard to pin point the exact causation of the Cold War, it was ultimatly a number of reasons. I also agree that it was partially due to the way Stalin ran Russia at the time, about his paranoia and suspision with other coutries. Something I found fascinating in the lecture was how much Stalin respected Hitler, and how Hitler ALSO respected Stalin. I wonder how much this influenced that way Stalin led his country, and if it had any affect at all, or if they just had a strong relationship.