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The Orgins of the Cold War
by BMENET GIRUM - Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 10:20 PM

In the Orgins of the Cold War lecture, Gaddis in the beginning talks about the causes of the Cold War and divides it into 3 types of causation. Those being the intermediate, immediate, and longterm causes. I found it very interesting how the Russian Revolution played a role in the comings of the Cold War. They overthrew the Czar and brought the bolsheviks, a communist party led by lenn into power.  Soon after that occured the goal was to stop communism and in still self determination and peace upon the people of our great world once again.The communism idea during the late 20th century that was believed to have failed to deliver on there promises which they once said they would in do to the fact that they were suppose to make a major change. However it was not so seen when they the party was not able to provide wokers with a better life. The lecture moved me when it talked about what causation impact could make in sense to one Human. For example, Hitler declaring a war on the Soviet Union and The United States of America. One could see that a peace treaty could be created to get what each country or countries wanted in the world to help allow each one develop and grow. 

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Re: The Orgins of the Cold War
by Leonardo Escobar - Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 10:09 PM

I also found it interesting about how the connection with Russia and George Kennan varied in his interest for Russia while being the brand of American that he was.