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Origens of the Cold War
by JAMES KUBICEK - Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 09:54 PM

The lecture Origins of the Cold War by John Gaddis discusses the causes of the cold war. He speaks specifically about the conflict between the ideals of Lenin and Wilson as a beginning of the conflict between the two nations. This was called a "war of ideas" however this extends beyond the two leaders in questions to the country as a whole. Given the nature of capitalism and bolshevism on the whole, this disagreement was truly inevitable. Once Lenin died in 1924 and Stalin rose to power in 1929 this disagreement was bound to only intensify. While, at the time the US was entering the depression and the USSR, was also struggling economically this conflict was pushed back. The first major action in this disagreement was Stalin bugging the Russian embassy to spy on Roosevelt, at the Conference of Terran. Thus, Stalin's hysteria about the Western world was in full swing. This led to the second red scare in the US and the rise of McCarthyism. After this, the cold war, anticommunist sentiments, and the policy of containment were in full effect and  the cold war officially began.