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Origins of the Cold War
by Leonardo Escobar - Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 10:06 PM

In watching, "John Lewis Gaddis: George Kennan and American Grand strategy during the cold war," I learned many things about George Kennan and they impacts he made upon the cold war which really brought out his skill of strategy within it. Gaddis frequently relates George Kennan trhoughout the video giving connections to all his contributions to the strategy of the cold war such as his predicted ideologies and belligerent developments. Gaddis also makes many connections to the Cold War, Geoarge Kennan, and the policy of containtment in the video where he explains how the Truman Doctrine, Marshall plan, and NATO were methods of containing the communism within the Soviets. Gaddis made this connection after mentioning that Kennan had been the ambassador of Russia twice and went into detail about how well he knew the country almost better than the US. Gaddis's lecture and connections made with George Kennan and containment gave me much more insight about the works of the Cold War. 


John Lewis Gaddis: George Kennan and American Grand Strategy during the Cold War