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Causes of the Cold War
by BEFTU SULTAN - Thursday, March 17, 2016, 12:28 AM

Starting from WWI, tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States had already begun forming. Underlying the tensions were radical differences in the systems of each nation. Both nations believed that alternate ideologies were threatening to the peoples way of life and saw that their belief were what would bring justice and happiness to the world. It was not until after the Bolshevik/October Revolution occurred right before the 1920s, the Soviet Union had established its socialist government and the U.S had begun its fear of the spread of communism. The U.S and Br. worked together to crush the Bolshevik/October Revolution, believing that unless the Russian gov. and the rest of the world followed western ideas of democracy, there would be no freedom and peace brought to the world. While the U.S was going through the Progressivist Era, progressivist President Woodrow Wilson believed that autocratic rule in Europe must be crushed leading to his decision to bring the U.S into WW1 through his 14 points. This occurred in effort to contain the spread of the Bolshevik Revolution in order to apply the western idea of democracy to all of the world. Having clashing beliefs was the underlying cause of the beginning of the Cold War.