As the culmination of this unit you will work in pairs (or individually) to research a topic in mathematics and make a presentation to the class (about 10 minutes long) of what you found. In addition, you will write an individual report summarizing your own work on the project and reflecting on how the activities of the unit prepared you for this work.

Friday we will choose partners, select topics, and begin to gather resources. To help you with choosing a topic I’m providing some suggestions here. Please take a few minutes to read through this list and think about what you’d like to learn more about. Resources will include texts we have in the classroom, so topics can be selected from those as well. Here are some project ideas:

•Parametric equations and their graphs
•Coordinate geometry proofs
•Non-Euclidean geometry
•Polar equations and their graphs
•Representing complex numbers in the plane
•Formal work with mathematical induction
•Elementary set theory
•Determinants and Cramer’s rule
•Infinite series
•Formal logic
•Computer-aided design (CAD)
•Dimensional analysis
•Mathematics and music
•The mathematics and art of M C Escher
•Pascal’s Triangle

I also would suggest reading through “Know How Project” on page 243.


Here is the list of "what a good presentation would have" that my classes have developed in the past. You should be thinking about these as you prepare your project:
• about 10 minutes long
• good explanations
• engage the audience
• give examples
• give definitions
• voice and eye contact
• use illustrations
• be creative
• use props
• make it relevant
• be eloquent
• material should be original
• discuss the purpose and applications of the topic
• provide formulas and representations (models, diagrams, etc.)
• methods - have things for the audience to do

Presentations will be given Wednesday and Thursday in class. You should be prepared to go Wednesday unless you have already spoken to me.

Your individual report is due Thursday and should use at least 3 sources, cited using MLA format. Other requirements for the write-up are listed on p243 of your text.
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